Jazz Up Your Life With a Brass Instrument

All of the Brass Instrument Families

There are 4 brass families. You have seen valved instruments like the trumpet. Everyone knows the slide trombone. Lesser known families include natural brass instruments, like the bugle, and the cornet belonging to the keyed / fingered brass family.

Improvise on Your Trumpet

If you want to play classical and jazz music, the trumpet is a great option. The trumpet is one of the oldest instruments and has been in use since 1500 BCE.

On Parade With a Trombone

Who doesn't think of a marching band when they hear a slide trombone? Join the band and purchase a trombone from Amory Music.

Oompah Along With a Tuba or Baritone

The deepest, richest tones in the brass family belong to the tuba and baritone horn.
The distinctive deepness of these instruments is due to many feet of coiled brass tubing.
Find the Perfect Brass Instrument Today.
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